Dwarka- Lord Shri krishna’s own kingdom – the pious land. Goverdhan Greenland- the eco concept township or Green Township inspired from the planning of Golden Dwarka- or the City of Gold –it used to be 5000 years ago.

Goverdhan Greens is an eco resort and agritainment complex planned at Holy pilgrimage spot Dwarka. The strategic concept of eco-resort primarily based on philosophy of Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle for the Resources. Goverdhan Greens is a total agritainment experience complex housing a resort, swimming pool, spa, hotel complex, organic farm, animal husbandry, Yoga centre, Alternate Therapy & Food Court.

The silent features of the product will be as below.

  • Eco- Resort & Agritainment Experience.
  • Resort with taking utmost care for Nature.
  • Lush Green Landscaping.
  • Organic Farming & Animal Husbandry.
  • ZERO Plastic ZONE.
  • Green Transportation.
  • Reduce, Reuse & Re-Cycle concepts for Resources.
  • One Stop Shop for Spiritual Tourism & Agritainment.
  • A Place to rejuvenate yourself and re-invent yourself.
  • Perfect blend of Rural India & Fantastic Hospitality.